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The SUPER-FUELSAVER® is a very strong and economical ionization system which is put on the fuel feeding pipe of every internal combustion motor. By using the SUPER-FUELSAVER® you achieve fuel economy, reduction of toxic gases, and increase on engine power

The SUPER-FUELSAVER® creates a magnetic field by using two supermagnets, which are the most strongest and permanent magnets in the market. Thus, our product is ten times more efficient than other competitive products. By only this way the magnetic field is strong enough to separate the clusters. The hydrocarbons change their orientation. Hence, more molecules are mixed with air, resulting to improved combustion. The improved combustion, reduces the toxic gases coming out of the exhaust pipe, and increases the engine power. Furthermore, you run more kilometers with the same amount and quality of fuel. In addition, the carbon remainings at the combustion chamber are reduced. Thus, the engine life is increased. Proof of the function and the efficiency of SUPER-FUELSAVER® is the thousands of satisfied customers we have, from families to large companies with fleet cars, which trusted us and won.

The SUPER-FUELSAVER® is stored at a warehouse in UK, and it is delivered worldwide. The delivery surcharge for member countries of European Union and USA, is 8-10 Euros, for 2 days express delivery. For countries outside European Union, and all other countries (Asia, Australia, Africa, Middle East, etc), the delivery surcharge is 10-12 Euros, for delivery time of 3-4 days.

You can pay from our website with your Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Diners, etc). Also, our website is using the PayPal payment method.  Furthermore, you can pay for your order by bank transfer in advance.

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